At Associated Wellbeing we are pleased to offer semi-independent living and outreach support for young people who are ready to start moving towards independence.  Our bespoke packages are based on the individual needs of the young person and can offer varying levels of support and intervention in the young person’s own home, dependent on risk and clinical need. 

Our support packages specialise in mental health and substance misuse support for young people moving towards adulthood.  If accommodation is required we have several properties within which we would offer an option that would be most suited. If a young person already has accommodation, we can provide an outreach package of care (that does not include accommodation) from Associated Wellbeing.

If appropriate, we offer semi-independent living and outreach support as a step-down service for young people who are currently placed at The Lighthouse. We also accept direct referrals for semi-independent living and/or outreach only.

We offer a range of services in our step-down and outreach packages of care. These include support with mental health, DBT skills, substance misuse,  activities of daily living, social inclusion, education and employment, tenancy training/management, budgeting support, meal planning and healthy eating, general health and wellbeing as well as physical health monitoring and support.

In addition to the above, the young person has continued access to our multi-disciplinary team and an on call system.

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