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Education & Training

At Associated Wellbeing Ltd we are proud to work with a team of professionals with extensive clinical experience and qualifications relating to their area of expertise.  We offer bespoke training packages to other providers and/or staff teams.  This may include:

  • Attachment and Trauma

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills

  • De-Escalation

  • Introduction to Positive Behavior Support

  • Psychological De-Briefs

  • Therapeutic Observation

  • Resilience

  • Complex Case Review

  • 5 P Formulation

  • Self-harm

Medical Consultation

Our team includes a Consultant Psychiatrist, Consultant Psychologist, Registered Mental Health Nurses (RMN), Dialectical Behaviour Therapists (DBT), Criminal Justice & Forensic Lead, Education Lead Teacher, Substance Misuse Practitioner, Safety and Development Lead and support workers, who all work in a team to develop and deliver bespoke care & training packages to meet the needs of our service.

Prices on request.  We are happy to discuss the individual needs of your service and/or young person, to collaboratively create bespoke training and education packages that meet your requirements.